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About Our Course

 - established in 1969 -

Course History

Established: 1969
Expanded to 18 holes: 1993

Acting Board of Directors:​​

  • Nate Scheer

  • Patrick Edwards

  • Mike Snyder

  • Gregg Weatherby

  • Jason Hodge

  • Alex Remizowski

  • Alison Weaver

Dress Code

Trumansburg Golf Club (TGC) provides a very relaxed and casual atmosphere. TGC does not have a standard dress code; however, it encourages all golfers to wear casual golf attire.


TGC does discourage men from wearing tank tops, muscle shirts, or jean shorts, and reserves the right to ask any golfer not wearing shoes or shirts to change into appropriate attire or be removed from the course.


To ensure quality conditions for all golfers, please wear only soft-spike shoes during play.

Pace of Play

In the interest of all, golfers are expected to play "ready golf". Nine-hole rounds taking longer than 2 hours and 15 minutes will be considered as moving too slow, and management reserves the right to ask a group to speed-up its play or, kindly, let groups behind them through. 

Exceptions can be made if a slow group is being courteous and letting faster groups play through (it is fine to take your time as long as you're letting people pass).

Golf Carts

When driving carts (especially when the course is wet) observe all course rules mainly by staying in the rough and at least 30 feet away from greens and tees unless there is a cart path available.

Youth Golfers

Trumansburg Golf Club takes pride in being family-friendly and we encourage bringing young golfers (children of any age) to play our course. All we ask is that you are courteous of other golfers. Ask for special rates for youth golfers when you visit the Pro Shop.


Course Architect: Bob Tallman
Course Superintendent: Damon Reed

Head Greenskeeper: Ben Crawford
Golf Operations Manager: Kevin Manheim

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